Camden SEAGUL Students Meet Ferdinand and Isabella

I got a big kick out of watching Jennifer LeGault’s SEAGUL students from Camden Elementary meeting King Ferdinand (aka Mr. Tarry McGovern) and Queen Isabella (aka Dr. Alisa Goodman) at the Mills Courthouse.  The students each took the part of a famous explorer asking the King and Queen for funds to explore the world and bring back riches.  The costumes worn by the students, Ms. Legault, and the Kind and Queen were priceless!  A great time!

Enjoyed This Column

Enjoyed this column…..

Lavoy Carter Recognized

Big congratulations to Lavoy Carter, the district’s Director of Assessment, for winning a TIP award at the State EdTech conference.  Lavoy won the award for his “PASS Analyzer”, which helps administrators and teachers easily and conveniently analyze their student performance data.  Because of Lavoy’s work, our district is able to do a tremendous job in terms of utilizing data to inform instruction.  Lavoy does absolutely super work with our schools.  A richly deserved honor!

KCSD News Update: KCSD News: KCSD offici

KCSD News Update: KCSD News: KCSD officials will appeal CHS football program team sanctions [ ]

KCSD News: KCSD, CHS to appeal High Scho

KCSD News: KCSD, CHS to appeal High School League’s decision concerning Camden High School football program [ ]

Lugoff Elementary Receives Whole Child A

Lugoff Elementary Receives Whole Child Award | KOOL102.7 FM [ ]

Emergency Responders

I enjoyed having the opportunity to attend a meeting yesterday of our local emergency responders.  We are truly blessed in our district and our community to have such a dedicated group of individual.  They help our schools and our students in so many ways, especially during inclement weather.  It was great to spend time with them!

LE Middle On WIS Friday Morning

Excited that Lugoff-Elgin Middle School will be featured as a “Cool School” on the WIS morning show from 4:30-7:00 a.m. on Friday morning!  Tune in!!

Late Bird Welding Class

I am very pleased and excited that ATEC is able to hold a “late bird” welding class in the evening this year to serve both high school students and adults.  This class is a tremendous opportunity to gain a high demand job skill.  I appreciate ATEC Director Chet Horton and everyone involved for figuring out a way to make this happen.

KCSD News: KCSD receives Arts in Basic C

KCSD News: KCSD receives Arts in Basic Curriculum grant from the SC Arts Commission [ ]