LES Administrators “Slimed”

Lugoff Elementary School Principal Melissa Lloyd and Assistant Principal Karen Lester are great sports!  Because their school met its fundraising goal for “Relay for Life,” the two intrepid administrators were “slimed” just before dismissal with the entire student body looking on.  They looked marvelous!

A Very Good Thursday

I got my day on Thursday off to a great start by reading Halloween stories to Melissa Paul’s first grade class at Wateree Elementary School.  What a well-behaved, attentive, and enthusiastic group!

In the evening, the school district again partnered with Camden Media and the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce to hold a candidate forum at Camden Elementary School for Camden mayor’s race.  There was a very nice turnout and it was an excellent event.  I hope this partnership is something we can continue to build on in the future.  I appreciate the help and cooperation of CES principal Ed Yount and his staff in putting on this forum.

I was also very pleased to learn that Camden High School’s Chris Outten and Lugoff-Elgin High School’s Jared Singleton have been chosen to play in post-season all-star football games, Chris in the North-South game and Jared in the Shrine Bowl.  I’ve enjoyed watching these two young men play this season.

Visiting The Journalism Class At LEHS

Our Chief Financial Officer Donnie Wilson and I spent a really enjoyable hour this morning with Ms. Proctor’s first block journalism class at Lugoff-Elgin High School.  The class had invited us to discuss the budget cuts being made based on the significant shortfall in state funding.  We were both really impressed at the specific questions that had been prepared by the class and the mature manner in which the students engaged in discussion with us.  A truly remarkable group of young people!

“Spooktacular” Spectacular!

I had an absolutely wonderful time last night attending the “Spooktacular” put on by the drama students at North Central High School.  It was amazing to me how much these students and their teacher, Leanna Wilson, were able to accomplish in a very short period.  Many of the students involved had never been on stage, but anyone there would never have thought that to be the case.    The production was sharp, crisp, and professional.  Great job!

A Shining Example…..

Great article in by Ms. Carolyn Click in The State today about community member Clifton Harryton Anderson, who has maintained a long-term mentoring relationship with a group of students from Bethune Elementary School.  This relationship has continued as these students attended North Central Middle School and now, North Central High School.  Mr. Anderson is a shining example of the power of mentorship.  I got to stop by for a few minutes yesterday when Mr. Anderson was meeting with these students, and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures Mr. Anderson had of himself when he was a student at Mather Academy in the 1950s.

This Morning At Blaney

This morning at a little after 6:00 a.m., a transformer in an electrical room at Blaney Elementary School began smoking, which set off the fire alarm.  Units from both the Blaney and Pine Grove Fire Departments responded within minutes.  The source of the problem was idenfied and immediate steps were taken to remove a limited amount of smoke and odor in a small part of the building.  When Blaney students began arriving, they were sent to wait at Stover Middle School next door.  Breakfast was also provided at Stover.  At approximately 8:00 a.m., fire personnel released the building and students were walked back from Stover.  By 9:00 a.m., things were relatively back to normal. 

I want to thank both the Blaney and Pine Grove Fire Departments for their excellent and rapid response.  I also want to thank the cafeteria staffs from both Blaney and Stover for collaborating to get breakfast served.  And finally, I want to thank both the staff and student body at Blaney for handling the whole situation with calm and a sense of humor.

Great job all around!

Blaney Fall Festival

I had an excellent time serving as a judge (along with School Board member Sherri Brosius and Elgin Mayor Pete James) today for the pumpkin decorating and costume contests at the Blaney Elementary School Fall Festival.  It was a beautiful day for the event and there was a great crowd.  It was a lot of fun to spend time with the Blaney community.