The Midway Rodeo

I’ve never been to a rodeo, so when I heard Midway Elementary would be having one on March 30, I was pretty excited.  I had a great time!   I certainly came away with great admiration for the skill involved in the various rodeo competition events. 

But the thing about this event that struck me most was what a wonderful community event it was.  Staff members and community members came together to make it all happen.  I got a big kick out of counselor Laura Privette doing the barrel competition, albeit with a little help.  It was great fun to watch faculty members chasing a calf to get a ribbon off its tail.  Who knew that a calf was that fast?  Teacher Faith Amick very innovatively used cotton candy to win this competition.  Lugoff-Elgin graduate and professional saddle bronco rider William Smith did the announcing.  Long-time School Board member Jim Smith used his tractor to keep the competition area in great shape. 

A big day in the proud 90-year history of this school!

“Girls On The Run” At Lugoff Elementary

Nice article in this morning’s Chronicle-Independent about the “Girls on the Run” program at Lugoff Elementary School…!/ChronicleIndependent

Integrity And Sportsmanship

On Monday, the County track meet was held at Camden High School.  At the end of the meet, it appeared that the Lugoff-Elgin boys team had won the meet by a slim one-point margin.  The trophy was awarded to the Demons to take proudly back to Lugoff.  However, once the team arrived back at the school, the Lugoff-Elgin coaches found an error on the score sheet, which changed the final score to make Camden the winner.  The Lugoff-Elgin coaches chose to report the error to Camden.

In a society where truth and doing the right thing are not always valued as they should be, the Lugoff-Elgin coaches, Zoe Dommel, Tim Davis, Quiyam Fleming, and Danny Meddaugh, modeled integrity and sportsmanship for their team.  When the score of this meet is long forgotten, this lesson will still resonate with these young people.

I am unbelievably proud of these folks!!!

“Be A Bunny”

Many thanks to the United Way and to so many individuals and businesses in our community for providing Easter baskets to deserving kids in our schools through the “Be a Bunny” program.  What a fitting way to celebrate this special season!

Palmetto Gold And Silver Awards

I was very excited and pleased to learn that 13 of our schools had received Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards, including ATEC, Camden Elementary, Lugoff Elementary, Lugoff-Elgin High School, Bethune Elementary, Blaney Elementary, Camden Middle, Stover Middle, Lugoff-Elgin Middle, North Central Middle, Pine Tree Hill Elementary, Doby’s Mill Elementary, and Baron DeKalb Elementary.

Pictures From KCSD On The State Newspaper Website

Doby’s Mill Recognized As A “School of Character”

I greatly enjoyed attending the Awards Recognition Program this past Friday afternoon.  Our own Doby’s Mill Elementary School was honored as one of four 2012 Schools of Character for South Carolina.  The school will receive a visit in April as part of the national recognition program.