Have a great summer!

I’m signing off for the summer.  I have lots planned, including the mentor training to be held next week and all my course work for my doctorate.  I’ll also sleep late, go to the gym, take naps, play with my girls, and have a wonderful, quiet, restful summer.  Next year will be here way too soon.  Thank you for reading!

Honoring Retirees….

I truly enjoyed honoring all of the district’s retirees last night in a ceremony at the Mills Courthouse.  One of the aspects I really value at these kinds of occasions is having the oppprtunity to meet the spouses and other family members of the honorees.  It’s kind of mind-boggling to think that the folks recognized last night represented 700+ years of service to the district.  Many thanks to these dedicated professionals for what they have meant to countless young people of Kershaw County. 

Stover To Be A Green Power Solar School

Through a partnership with Fairfield Electric Cooperative, Stover Middle School will be receivng a 2-kilowatt solar power system which will provide a teaching, research, and hands-on demonstration opportunity for students and teachers.  This exciting opportunity will afford students a tremendous “hands-on” learning opportunity using the latest technology.  This opportunity comes at a very appropriate time given the current worldwide interest in renewable energy sources.  I am deeply appreciative to Doug Payne from Fairfield Electric Cooperative for working with Stover Principal Dennis Reeder and his staff to make this all happen.  I’m looking really forward to seeing the creative ways in which this unique resource is used. 

A Great Time Of Year…

I really enjoy this time of year because we stop to celebrate the accomplishments of young people and the support they received from their families and their teachers.  Last evening, I was privileged to attend the nursing graduation at ATEC.  I’ve never been to a nursing graduation, and I found it to be a truly wonderful ceremony.  This evening, I attended the cosmetology graduation at ATEC.  The best line of the ceremony might have been from ATEC Director Allen Teal, who told the graduates that now that they had their credential, there was no longer a need for them to give free haircuts.  What I really enjoy the most about these ceremonies is seeing the families and friends of the graduates enjoying this proud and special moment.  I always leave these ceremonies very energized….

It Certainly Wasn’t The Singing….

I found out over the weekend that a story that David Waterman at WVOC in Columbia did last fall about my singing the Alma Maters at football games actually won a second place in feature reporting from the South Carolina Association of Broadcasters.  Part of the story included my singing the first few bars of the LEHS Alma Mater.  I’m certainly sure my singing wasn’t the reason for the award….

Portrait Unveiling and ETV Roadshow

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend the unveiling of three portraits at the Kershaw County Courthouse, including the late Governor of South Carolina John West, the late South Carolina Senator Donald Holland, and former Speaker of the House Robert Sheheen.  The portraits were wonderful.  But what I really gained from the ceremony was a much stronger sense of the relatively recent history of my new home state through the introductions that were made for each of the portraits. 

I taped the “ETV Roadshow” that came through Kershaw County this past Friday and watched it over the weekend.  The topics that covered were extremely interesting.  I learned a great deal about Kershaw County that I didn’t know.  A high point was also a performance by the award-winning Camden Middle School Jazz Band!

Senior Awards At NCHS

I got to attend the Senior Awards Program at North Central High School yesterday.  It was a very nice and a very dignified occasion.  I was extremely impressed with the respectful way in which the ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders conducted themselves during the program.  I also enjoyed the senior speakers who talked about their school journey to high school graduation and the outstanding performance by the NCHS Band.  While I was there, I was also very pleased to see how well the building projects at the school are progressing.  The asphalt base was being put down for the track, which was really exciting for me.  Can’t wait for it all to be finished!