Remember Y2K?

I was going through a box of old papers this week and I found my calendar for the 1999-2000 school year.  As I was looking at the late December entries, I was reminded of all the concern that there was  at the time about whether or not computer networks and systems would function as the calendar turned to January 1, 2000.  In the district where I worked at the time, a number of us had to be at work when midnight came to make sure everything was working.  It seems funny now, but at the time, we were pretty worried.

I Hope To Hear From Graduates…

A couple of weeks ago, a release went out from the district inviting graduates of Kershaw County School District since 2007 to contact me to give me feedback as to how well KCSD prepared them for “life after high school.”  I have heard from several, and the feedback has been extremely beneficial.  I hope to hear from more graduates, especially as many are home for the holidays.  My direct dial phone number is 425-8916 and my email is  I am monitoring my phone calls throughout the holidays and will return any calls very promptly.

Great Job By Ms. Wilson’s Class At DMES!

I’ve been working through a bag of stuff to read over the past week, and this morning, I got to a booklet of stories from Ms. Wilson’s third grade class at DMES called “T’was the Night Before OUR Christmas.”  Outstanding stuff!  Really imaginative and well-written!  It’s obvious that these students work very hard on their writing.  Great job!

More Arts….

The “Neighbors” section of The State this morning included some outstanding Christmas drawings from several Kershaw County elementary students, including:

Dylan Freeland (Doby’s Mill)

Kristen Hugey (Jackson)

Lynsey Taylor (Jackson)

Jessica Ni (Doby’s Mill)

Semaj McLeod (Jackson)

Annaleah Pittelkau (Doby’s Mill)

Noah McCathern (Baron DeKalb)

Donna Truesdale (Baron DeKalb)

These pictures were chosen from some 1,600 that were submitted.  Great job!

Art Calendar From Stover

Every year, Mrs. Cassandra Mickle, the art teacher at Stover Middle School, sends me a calendar featuring the work of her students.  The art in the calendar is always fresh and imaginative and I always look forward to seeing it.  Mrs. Mickle does an outstanding job with her students at Stover, and the calendar is just one example of this.  Thanks!

Jackson School Project Moving Right Along

This morning, I took a walk around the Jackson School construction site.  I was amazed with the progress that has been made over the past several weeks, zand I was also extremely impressed with the quality of the workmanship I saw.  This is going to be an outstanding facility!

Proud To Serve….

You might have to come from somewhere else to fully understand what an outstanding United Way we have in Kershaw County.  I’ve not seen a United Way in all the places I’ve worked that is so efficient in terms of getting resources to areas of need and maximizing the resources available for the needs of the community.  It’s been a great pleasure for me to help in whatever way I can.  I am honored that I have been asked to serve on the Executive Board of the Kershaw County United Way and look forward to doing whatever I can to serve this exemplary organization.