A Couple of Things…

I was extremely pleased and proud to learn that the Camden High School ROTC Unit has earned a “Gold” rating on its recent inspection. This is a proud and focused group of young people. I saw some of the inspection activities, and the determination was evident on the faces of each member of the unit. Congratulations!

It was gratifying to see our schools reaching out into the community to help others during the holiday season. The lessons learned from doing so will last a lifetime for our young people.

Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing everyone back on January 7!

What Outstanding Writers!!!

As I was going through my mail last night, I found a sheaf of papers from Ms. Marsha Hough’s fifth graders at Jackson Elementary School. As a writing assignment, the students each wrote me a letter about what they thought needs to be included in the new Jackson School building that is now in the planning stages. The catalyst for the assignment was an article in the newspaper about the planning for the new facility. The writing was truly excellent and the ideas in the letters were both thoughtful and creative! Ms. Hough is to be tremendously commended for using a “real-world” hook to motivate students to write. I had a great time reading these letters. Awesome job!

Two Excellent Events

Yesterday, I got to attend two excellent events. I had the privilege of being present for Fall Awards at ATEC. It was really nice to see all the students who were recognized and the positive way in which their peers supported them. It was also great to see Ms. Lisa Sweet, the Culinary Arts teacher at ATEC, recognized as ATEC’s “Teacher of the Year.” Last night, I attended the Holiday Choir Concert at Stover Middle. I was really impressed by the diverse and challenging mix of music performed by the Stover Choir and the enthusiasm of its Director, Mr. Brian Heyward. It was a great ending to my day!

Special Olympics

I had the opportunity to meet with Ann Marie Taylor yesterday about this year’s Special Olympics, which will be held on April 3 at Camden Military. (I really appreciate the folks at Camden Military hosting it this year while our tracks are dug up!) Ann Marie has worked tirelessly to resurrect this important event in Kershaw County. One of the things Ann Marie shared with me is how the Camden Police Department has taken on the fundraising for the Kershaw County Special Olympics. To this end , the CPD will be selling Special Olympics tee-shirts in the near future. I hope everyone in the community will take this oppoprtunity to support Kershaw County’s Special Olympics. Many thanks to Herbie Frasier of the Camden Police Department for his leadership in this effort!

Holliday gives back to the Kershaw County community

December 17, 2007 – A graduate of Camden High School, Miami Dolphins player Vonnie Holliday has not forgotten his roots. Continue reading

A Visit to Jennifer Ard’s Class

I had meant to talk about this a few days ago….On Friday a week ago, I was in Jennifer Ard’s kindergarten class at Doby’s Mill Elementary School, where I saw her give a great explanation of Hanukkah while the traditional latkes (potato pancakes) were cooking in the back of the room. Ms. Ard did a wonderful job of explaining the richness of this celebration of the Jewish faith in a way that was both understood and appreciated by her students. It made my day!

A Member of the “Dork Panel” – Certainly A Job I Can Do!

The Friday Book Club at Lugoff-Elgin Middle School invited me to participate in a “Dork Panel” as part of the club’s reading of a book called “Dork In Disguise.” This is certainly a job I can do. It was great fun! I was honored to be named the “Biggest Dork” based on my stellar performance on the panel. As an old middle school principal and teacher, I always immensely enjoy spending time with with middle school kids. The Book Club is a fantastic idea! This was a really enjoyable way to start my Friday.