Lunch At Lugoff-Elgin High

I had a great time eating lunch with Patricia Marvin’s and Von Duncan’s classes at Lugoff-Elgin High today.  What a fun group!!  Special compliments to the cafeteria statt at LEHS.  The fried rice and egg roll were fantastic!!!

iPads At North Central High And Parent Portal

I enjoyed spending a few minutes at North Central High School as i-Pads were deployed with ninth graders.  As I walked by classrooms afterwards, I could see them already in intense use.  The training and work teachers did over the past few months at North Central, Lugoff-Elgin, and Camden is really falling into place! 

I learned today that almost 350 families have already signed up for Parent Portal, which enables parents to check on grades and attendance in real time.  A new feature this year provides one sign-in password for multiple students.  Check with the school for further information to sign up.  This is a great tool!

Kudos To Wateree Elementary…

I was pleased to go by Wateree Elementary School today to sign the school’s application for the Palmetto’s Finest program.  The staff and community of this school have done an absolutely wonderful job over the past three years in terms of both raising student achievement and engaging the community more actively in the school.  This is a school that has a non-stop “can do” attitude.  Kudos!!!

A New Column On Value-Added Evaluation…

A particularly interesting read for teachers….

Highlights From West Wateree

I got a big kick out of watching Brian Heyward’s choir class at Stover Middle doing jumping jacks to warm up before singing…Mr. Heyward told me he wanted the students “to get their blood flowing..”  Makes sense.

I got my yearly math fact challenge from Jakki Wiseman’s fifth graders at Doby’s Mill Elementary.  Maybe I can beat them this year…

The new cafeteria lines at Lugoff-Elgin High School were fully operational today and worked out really well.  The remodeling of the kitchen and the cafeteria is both more functional and a lot more attractive.  Kudos to Misha Lawyer and Billy Smith for everything they did to make this happen.  Kudos also to everyone at LEHS who worked hard and effectively to make the transition work.

Parent Portal Reopened…

The Kershaw County School District has updated its PowerSchool Parent Portal to allow parents to access information for all their students with a single login. 

 “We continue to hear how much parents appreciate having access to their students’ grades as soon as they are recorded,” said Kershaw County School District Superintendent Frank Morgan.  “The updated Parent Portal allows parents with more than one child in our schools to be able to see all of their students’ information together without having to sign out of one account and sign on to another.”

Parents can now access the newly revised Parent Portal via any school website or the district’s website at  

All users must create a new single login account.  Parents who used the system last school year will use their same sign in information including their current passwords to create their new accounts.  New parents or parents who did not use the system last school year can sign up at their children’s schools. 

In addition to current averages in each class, the online system contains grades for individual assignments.  Parents can also e-mail teachers directly from the system.  Attendance for elementary and middle school students is recorded on a daily basis while high school students’ attendance is recorded for every class. 


Article Highlighting Our i-Pad Rollout

An article from Scholastic Administrator Magazine highlighting Kershaw County’s i-Pad rollout and our use of Mobile Iron tracking software…<