Zoology Podcasts

I’ve spent some time today catching up on some things folks have sent me recently.  I especially enjoyed the podcasts done by Gina Yount’s fifth grade SEAGUL students as part of a zoology unit. Really imaginative stuff!  The students researched animals and then completed an animal application. The goal of the application was for the particular animal to be accepted into the most famous zoo in the world by using the power of persuasion combined with the research information.  This is an outstanding application of technology!  Great job!

  Check out the link below: 


Why I Enjoy This Job So Much….

I’m the luckiest guy in the world….In what other job can you start your day by reading “Green Eggs and Ham” with some elementary students as I did yesterday morning at Camden Elementary?  A great time!

A little while later, while visiting Camden Middle School, I got to talk with some really fine young men who were having breakfast with Principal Jeff Jordan and then listen to students Grace Hoyt and Taylor Griswold play their violins for their class.  They were really good!

Visiting schools is always energizing for me!


I visited Jodie Kahler’s eighth grade English class at North Central Middle School this morning.  They were in the computer lab working on a writing project.  I was tremendously impressed by the outstanding work I saw!  These young people have obviously worked very hard on their writing!

I got to spend a few minutes this evening with the School Improvement Council at Baron DeKalb Elementary School.  I really enjoyed this group.  These folks are doing some wonderful things to work with Principal Betty Turner and the staff to keep the school moving forward.

We’re Proud!

Although it’s certainly disapointing that both Camden and Lugoff-Elgin lost their semifinal games this past Friday night, I am extremely proud of both these teams.  They played with intensity, class, and character all season.  The community is proud of these young men and the great job their coaches did in leading them.

Gang Task Force Retreat

Today, I was part of a group of approximately 60 people from throughout the community that took part in a retreat organized to identify possible areas to include in a federal gang prevention grant.  It was an outstanding day!  Many excellent ideas were presented and discussed.  The group will continue to work on this grant over the next couple of months.  The process to finalize the grant proposal will include opportunities for other members of the community to provide comment and feedback.  A really exciting and fulfilling day!

An Eventful Day….

I always enjoy the day each month when I meet with both Teacher and Support Cabinets.  Both these groups provide me a great deal of important and useful insight.

I also got to help serve the annual Thanksgiving Day Lunch at Doby’s Mill Elementary.  It’s a wonderful tradition!  The cafeteria staff at the school does an outstanding job with this meal.

I ended the day at the annual Teacher Induction Dinner sponsored by our Teacher Forum  I’ve greatly enjoyed our first year teachers.  This was a nice opportunity to spend time with them.  I really appreciate Teacher Forum putting on this event.

EOC Exercise

Yesterday, Keith McAlister, Mary Anne Byrd and I participated in a drill through the local Emergency Operations Center that simulated a natural disaster at a school.  It was a excellent learning experience!  Whenever I interact with the public safety personnel in this community, I am always so impressed with their dedication, professionalism, and “can-do” attitude.  We are truly blessed to have such people in Kershaw County.