Special Weekend Events….

I enjoyed attending two special events that took place this weekend…

The Groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday for the Community Playground was certainly an exciting event for all of Kershaw County .  This fully ADA-accessible playground will be the largest of its kind in the Midlands.  Thanks and kudos to the committee that has worked so hard to raise money over the past year to make this project a reality.  The Playground is certainly a “red letter” accomplishment for Kershaw County!

Here’s a story from WIS about the Groundbreaking…


As always, it was great fun to attend Saturday’s annual Hot Dog Lunch over at the Fine Arts Center, a kickoff event for the Center’s activities and programs during the coming year.  The Fine Arts Center is and deserves to be a tremendous source of pride in our community!

Junior Leadership Kickoff

It’s always a pleasure for me to speak to each year’s new Junior Leadership class.  (Junior Leadership is a program sponsored by the Chamber that provides students from our three high schools and Camden Military a year-long leadership development experience.)  This year’s group is quite impressive and accomplished.  I look forward to seeing the Class of 2016 accomplish great things throughout the year.

KCSD News: ATEC Agriculture Instructor r

KCSD News: ATEC Agriculture Instructor receives state and regional honors [ http://ow.ly/Rmp9E ]

Out And About

Got a big kick out of a couple of things I saw today as I was out and about….

Hearing kids in Charles Ashmore’s Band class at Stover Middle play the bass clarinet for the first time just plain fun.  This is a very difficult instrument to play from what I’ve been told, and these students did a great job for the first time.  Can’t wait to hear more as the year goes on!

I stopped by the Jackson Teen Center this afternoon, and was very impressed with the “Girls Homework Power Hour.”  These young ladies were doing some seriously good work!

Meeting With State Social Services Director

I appreciated the opportunity yesterday to participate in a roundtable discussion with South Carolina Director of Social Services Susan Alford.  A large group of community stakeholders were involved, and I believe Ms. Alford got a very good sense of the way in which our community collaborates to address challenges and meet needs.  I am very impressed that Ms. Alford is taking the time to meet with community members across the state to better understand what is going on out in the field.  A very productive session.

KCSD News: Senior Citizens Can Attend Sc

KCSD News: Senior Citizens Can Attend School-Sponsored Events Free [ http://ow.ly/Rmo1f ]

KCSD News: ATEC students to refurbish Co

KCSD News: ATEC students to refurbish Cobra helicopter [ http://ow.ly/Rmokv ]