Percy Mack

My colleague Dr. Percy Mack, who has served for the past six years as Superintendent of Richland School District 1, is retiring after t0day.  Percy will be missed.  He was always someone who could bring clarity to an issue or problem, and I always enjoyed talking with him about weather closing decisions.  I wish him a great retirement!

Dan Matthews Honored

I was very pleased to learn that our colleague Dan Matthews, Principal of Camden High School, has been recognized by the Camden Rotary Club with a Community Service Award.  A well-deserved honor for the tremendous impact Dan’s work has on our community.

“Leader In Me” At Jackson

There are countless things going on in our district that I am very proud of.  One of them is “The Leader in Me” program at Jackson School.  The impact of this program has been immense!  I frequently hear compliments and positive feedback about what this program has done for the poise and motivation of Jackson students.  The staff at Jackson deserves a tremendous amount of credit for their work with “Leader in Me.”  Great job!

“Arts Arising” Featured In The State Newspaper

Nice piece about “Arts Arising.”


KCSD News: Long, Dean receive SCASA Life

KCSD News: Long, Dean receive SCASA Lifetime Achievement Award [ ]

Target Employees Help Teen Center

Really nice article in this morning’s Chronicle-Independent about Target employees helping to fix up the new Jackson Boys and Girls Club Teen Center.  Many thanks!  The Teen Center is really shaping up!  Around 100 kids are attending each day.  The United Way is helping to provide meals through its Summer Feeding program and several other community partners are involved.  The Center is still seeking donations of furniture and other items.  If you have something to donate, please contact Mr. Brian Mays (email is

KCSD News: Three KCSD administrative cha

KCSD News: Three KCSD administrative changes for 2014-15 school year [ ]

Workouts and Camp

Enjoyed stopping by North Central High School and Camden High School this morning….There were large groups of athletes at both schools doing their summer workouts…Really impressed with the effort I saw!  “Little Bulldog Football Camp” was also going on at CHS.  Lots of excitement!  All of this was good to see…Fall isn’t that far away!


Tomorrow is the runoff election in some state and local races that will have significant impact on the day-to-day work of educators over the next four years.  I hope educators will use all the resources that are available, especially online, to be knowledgeable about the candidates and to then participate in the process by voting.  I think the past several years have shown very clearly to educators that elections have impact and consequences on our work and the environment in which we do it.  Vote!!!

Meeting With The Chamber Board

I appreciated the opportunity for Billy Smith, Donnie Wilson, and myself to meet with the Chamber Board this morning to talk about the Phase 2 Facilities Referendum.  I am most grateful for the Chamber’s interest in our schools and the many ways in which the Chamber partners with us.