More Student Work Featured

I was delighted to see art work by AnaKaren Lucena Chavez, a third grader at Midway Elementary, featured on the front page of the “Neighbors” section of this morning’s State newspaper. 

I also enjoyed the comments about the year ahead in the same section by Holden Bunch, a fourth grader at Camden Elementary, Heather Wennersten, a seventh grader at Camden Middle, Allen Adame, a second grader at Doby’s Mill Elementary, Dakota Brown, also a second grader at Doby’s Mill, and Caroline Hendrix, a third grader at Midway Elementary. 

Great stuff!!!!

All Three High Schools Recognized

All three of our high schools were among 72 high schools statewide recognized by the South Carolina Department of Education for achievement on the ACT and SAT college entrance exams.  I would note that this achievement was earned while the number of students taking these tests also increased significantly.  Kudos!!!

Rho Chi Kobraz

I appreciated the Chronicle-Independent’s Martin Cahn’s recognition of the Rho Chi Kobraz Step Team in this morning’s paper.  It’s well worth reading!  This group, which includes five Camden High School students and is directed by Reverend Brian Mays, has achieved much in the past year.  The team members are Deneshia Reid, Shakeem Colemen, Precious Williams, Imani Simon, and Shynell Wells.  Congratulations!

Latest On Federal Teacher Jobs Funding

Camden Tennis Player Recognized

Congratulations to tennis player Katie Tiller of Camden High School, who was recently recognized as the Region 6-3A Player of the Year.  Great job!

Christmas Pictures In “Neighbors” Section

There were some great Christmas pictures by Kershaw County students in the “Neighbors” section of this morning’s State newspaper.  Brooke Shafer from Doby’s Mill Elementary, Rachel Hatcher from Stover Middle, Kory Williams from Jackson Elementary, and Assata Kirkley from Midway Elementary all had their work published.  Definitely a keeper!!!!

Stuff In This Morning’s Paper

I enjoyed the article by Ashley Ford in this morning’s Chronicle-Independent featuring some students from Bethune Elementary talking about Christmas….

Also enjoyed the article about “Bulldog Bands” at Camden High School, a project being done by Stephen Sutusky’s Government/Junior Achievement Economics class.  The bands, modeled after the “Live Strong” bands, say “Welcome to the Pound.”  This is a great project that is teaching many lessons about economics and business and also promoting school spirit.