North Central – Camden Game

I had a really fine time at the Camden – North Central football game on Friday night.  A great crowd from both schools came in spite of a monsoon-type rain that fell about 90 minutes before the game.  I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing both the NCHS and CHS Bands perform.  Special thanks to Dr. Andy Piasecki for being there to help tend to injured players.  This kind of support from the medical community means a great deal to our athletes.  An outstanding community event!

Beginning Teachers

I was pleased again yesterday to be able to spend a few minutes with our beginning teachers during one of their regular training sessions.  After two weeks of school, they seemed to be doing very well.  Since the first day of school I have gotten a lot of very positive feedback about this group.  They have brought a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and new ideas to all of us.  I look forward to continuing to interact with them as the school year goes on.  My thanks to Susan Brewer, Cecil McClary, and John Gardner for their excellent work with these folks.

I’m Getting A Haircut……

A few weeks ago, I challenged our employees to meet a goal of $65,000 in pledges to the Kershaw County United Way.  I promised that if this goal was met, cosmetology students from ATEC would give me a “buzz cut.”  The goal has been met, and I couldn’t be happier!  Thanks to everyone for such tremendous generosity!  The haircut will be administered on Monday, September 8 in the evening at the United Way Campaign “Festival of Food” Kickoff Event.  Details will follow for those who want to watch the fun.

Tornado Precautions

This is the season in our state when tornado watches and warnings occur with some frequency.  Schools all have tornado drill procedures in place.  Today, because of warnings in the north and northwest areas of the county, we had several schools go into their tornado drill mode as a precaution.  When these situations occur, we work very closely with public safety officials to monitor the weather and give direction to schools.  Please know that the safety of our students in these circumstances is always our first priority.

Article in the Chronicle-Independent

There was a very good article in yesterday’s Chronicle-Independent on how North Central High School is utilizing its upperclass students to help orient ninth graders to high school.  I was really impressed with both the creativity and initiative involved in this approach.  The ninth grade is always a big transition for young people.  Using older peers to ease this transition makes a tremendous amount of sense.  I want to commend everyone at NCHS for making this happen.  I believe it will make a big positive difference.

Friday Night Lights

I love high school football, so I had a great time Friday night attending both the Camden-Hartsville game and the Lugoff-Elgin Jamboree game against Blythewood.  Both teams played very well in winning efforts.  I’m looking very forward to the North Central-Camden game this coming Friday night.

As an aside, I want to thank both the Camden Police Department and the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department for their continuing help in implementing the use of metal detectors at our home football games.  Everything went very well this past Friday night, due in no small part to the support and expertise of these two very professional departments.

Junior Leadership

I had a great time this morning talking to the group of students from Camden High, Lugoff-Elgin High, North Central High, and Camden Military involved in this year’s “Junior Leadership” class. This excellent program, which is sponsored by the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce, provides these young people with a year-long leadership development experience. I got to attend a number of the sessions last year, and I was able to see how much the students involved benefitted and grew as the year progressed. I look forward to attending sessions again this year. My sincere thanks to the Chamber for its sponsorship of this outstanding program!