The Chronicle Independent

As its program for today’s meeting, the Camden Rotary Club hosted Mike Michener, the publisher of The Chronicle Independent, and Martha Bruce, the editor of the paper.  It is a tremendous asset for our school district to have a local media outlet likeThe Chronicle Independent, which gives significant coverage to the schools, to School Board meetings, and to other education-related topics.  I deeply appreciate and value the way in which the paper works with us to communicate with families and the entire community.


Today is Registration Day in our schools.  Based on feedback we got last year, a group of staff and parents got together and worked on some changes to make the process smoother and more “user-friendly.”  I’d appreciate feedback on how things go so that we can continue to make the process better.  Responses can be sent right to this blog or to my email (   Folks can also call me at 425-8910.

Shriner’s Club Dinner

I really enjoyed attending a dinner the other night hosted by the Camden Shriner’s Club.  The dinner was attended by the coaches and administrators of the six schools participating in the Shriner’s Club Football Jamboree on August 15 at Zemp Stadium, including folks from our three high schools.  It is a real privilege for our high schools to participate in an event to support the outstanding charitable work done by the Shriners.  Darn good dinner, too! 


I also wanted to thank the May Plant Credit Union for taking on the sponsorship of the Jamboree at Lugoff-Elgin High School on August 22.  The community’s strong and consistent support of our schools is a tremendous blessing!

Outreach To Hispanic Families

I was really pleased to learn that the Hispanic Services program at the Alpha Center will be sponsoring a “Back to School Day” for Hispanic/Latino students and their families on Saturday, August 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Alpha Center on Mill Street.  Questions can be referred to Ms. Socorro White at the Alpha Center at 432-6902.  This is just another example of the many things the Alpha Center does to support our schools.  I am extremely appreciative of Ms. White’s work in organizing this event.

Superintendent’s Conference….Continued

One of the things that has surprised me while I have been at this conference is the interest folks are showing in all the areas in which KCSD is using technology.  From the laptop intitiative to the website to blogs and podcasting to our K-8 initiative, what we’re doing in our district is creating a lot of excitement in our state.  This work is setting a standard.  Kudos to everyone who is making this happen!

Speaker At Superintendent’s Conference

I’m attending the State Superintendent’s Conference today, and heard a speaker this morning that really hit a chord with me.  Dr. Yong Zhao, a Chinese-born educator who teaches at Michigan State University. talked to us about the importance of combing strong instruction in the basics with opprotunities for creativity, problem-solving, application, and leadership.  Through his study of global economics, he showed how this combination is essential to success in a rapidly-changing world economy.  I was certainly heartened by his message in light of the emphasis our district is placing on both the arts and technology, two critical needs to helping our students to be able to apply and use knowledge in a “real world” context.

Debbie Baughman

Wateree Elementary School and our district family suffered a tragic loss yesterday when Mrs. Debbie Baughman died in an automobile accident in Jacksonville, Florida.  Mrs. Baughman served as the media center assistant at Wateree.  She started her career in Kershaw County as a teaching assistant for special needs students.  Mrs. Baughman was an enthusiastic, giving person who loved children and loved working with her colleagues at Wateree.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Baughman family at this difficult time.