Dictionaries At Mt. Pisgah

Fellow Rotarian Kristin Cobb and I had a great time delivering dictionaries to students in Ms. Martha Mason’s third grade class at Mt. Pisgah Elementary!  Adding to the fun was the fact that it was “Pajama Day” at Mt. Pisgah.  If I’d have known, I’d have worn mine (maybe not)….Many thanks to the Camden and West Wateree Rotary Clubs for their support each year of the dictionary project.  Even with modern technology, you just can’t beat a dictionary!

Talking With Retired Teachers

I spent an enjoyable half-hour yesterday talking to a group of retired Kershaw County teachers about school funding issues.  I am extremely grateful that these professionals who have served our community so long and well still want to be engaged in what’s going on.

Monday Morning At Doby’s Mill….

I spend a “fintastic” Monday morning with the Dolphins at Doby’s Mill Elementary School.  When  I arrived, I joined librarian (they’re called “librarians” again..…) Betsy Long with her “Brainsparks” group.  They gave me a great workout with exercises and a little bit of yoga to get my brain working.  A very cool idea!  I then joined Ms. Jennifer Ard’s kindergarten class as they talked about their journals, and worked on days, weeks, months, and dates.  I particularly enjoyed hearing the class talk about the trip to the Pumpkin Patch the previous Friday.  I then got to go to PE with Ms. Stephanie Jones’  kindergarten class.   I was in charge of the group doing scooters.  I wish I still had that much energy.  I spent a very fun half-hour with Ms. Abby Anthony’s kindergarten group on a phonics lesson.  Kindergarten kids today do the same things folks from my generation did in the first grade.  I’m not sure people really understand that.  I finished my morning helping to chaperone groups going on a limo ride to “Monkey Joe’s” as a reward for the school’s fundraising project.  I’ve never ridden in a Hummer limo before and the kids were really excited.   As always, the sense of academic focus and community at Doby’s Mill is impressive.  It’s always fun to spend time there!

Big Game Friday Night At North Central

This coming Friday night at 7:30 p.m., the North Central Knights will host the first home playoff football game since 1993.  I hope folks from throughout Kershaw County will come out and support the team in its game with nearby rival Andrew Jackson.  The weather forecast indicates that it will be a perfect fall night for football!

Additional Perspective On Value-Added Evaluation

A friend sent me this….



I am looking forward to speaking on Sunday afternoon at a benefit for the PathWay Program.  Pathway is a community outreach program that serves at-risk children and their familes.  The program operates on the campus of the Bethel Worship Center and has grown to serve 36 students from the ages of 3 to 14.  PathWay has many success stories, and is another shining example of how our community has stepped up during the economic downturn.  The benefit for PathWay will be held this coming Sunday afternoon on the grounds of the Fine Arts Center.

Innovative Music Program Recognized

I was very pleased to learn that the South Carolina Association for Educational Technology has recognized an innovative program by Doby’s Mill Elementary music teacher Helen Walker.  The program, entitled “This Isn’t Your Mama’s Music Room,” entails working closely with teachers to integrate music across the curriculum through blogging, Wiki, QR Codes, and Edmondo.  Students also create music using iPads, Yamaha keyboards. Wii music, and an interactive whiteboard.  Ms. Walker will be presenting her program to educators from across South Carolina at this week’s EdTech conference.  I am always amazed at the way in which Ms. Walker continues to find new ways to open the doors to music for her students.  Great job!