Thanks to everyone for all the preparation and work that was done to make yesterday’s Registration go so well!  A great team effort!!!

Lyricism 101

I spent an enjoyable hour over at the Jackson Teen Center sitting in on a class called “Lyricism 101,” which has kids writing song lyrics.  Saw some very creative stuff!  There’s been some great activities going on at the Center this summer!

KCSD Athletes In United Way Video

The video for this year’s United Way campaign features athletes from our three high schools.  They did an outstanding job!  Their poise was especially noteworthy.  I’m am tremendously proud of these young people!  Can’t wait for the community to see the video!

Summer Reading Services…

I am extremely pleased and excited that through funding from the state, grant funding, and partnerships with the Kershaw County Parks and Recreation Department and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Midlands, over 500 students received reading instruction and services this summer.  It goes without saying that these students will start the school year more ready to be successful….Kudos to all the folks involved in making this happen!

Distinguished Arts Program Grants

I was excited to learn today that 13 of our schools had earned over $100,000 in “Distinguished Arts Program” Grants from the State of South Carolina.  These grants will be used in a number of very creative ways to support the arts in our schools.  Terrific job!

Scholarships To Central Carolina

I’m not sure our community is completely aware of the fact that Kershaw County is one of the few communities in the nation that guarantees a college education to high school graduates who meet some very reasonable requirements.  Through the efforts and vision of Dr. Tim Hardee, President of Central Carolina Technical College, and the Board of CCTC, Kershaw County students can receive a 2-year scholarship to Central Carolina.  The long-term opportunities this program offers to our young people are virtually unlimited.   The strong partnership between Central Carolina and our District is something that makes our community very special.

KCSD News: KCSD hiring school bus driver

KCSD News: KCSD hiring school bus drivers [ ]