Carolina Football Player Visits Doby’s Mill

A very nice story…

Patriot’s Night At Doby’s Mill

I had a fantastic time last evening attending “Patriot’s Night,” presented by the fourth grade at Doby’s Mill Elementary.  Doby’s Mill has implemented the “Why America is Free” curriculum, which supports the state’s fourth grade social studies standards.  One of the activites in the “Why America is Free” program is “Patriot’s Night,” which includes a fife and drum corps, colonial dancers, a museum, and other exhibits.  My favorite part of the program was “Living Wax Museum” of various figures from the American Revolution.  The kids did a super job of maintaing “wax figure” character!  This was a bunch of fun and a great learning experience!

An Old Truck And A Classic BMW

I spent a few minutes yesterday over at ATEC in the Auto Technology lab and in the Collision Technology lab.  The Auto Technology students had just finished installing a new engine in a 1970 Chevy pickup truck.  The engine was purring like a kitten!  Over in Collision Technology, I saw the amazing progress that the students had made over the past several months restoring a classic (1972 I think) BMW.  When I first saw the car in the fall, the car’s body had a lot of rust.  It’s now almost ready to paint!  Outstanding work by both classes!!

Awards At Jackson

While I was at Jackson School on Friday, I got to watch part of the Fourth and Fifth Grade Awards Ceremony.  I was particularly impressed with the student speakers I heard, including LeAwnta Rufus, Sharod Rufus, and Iria Johnson.  They did a wonderful job!  I was very proud of them!  A really nice ceremony!

Legislative Update – January 25, 2013


On Tuesday, January 22nd and Wednesday, January 23rd, the Ways and Means Public Education and Special Schools Subcommittee met to receive budget requests.   The committee heard from the following:

John de la Howe

South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

Members of the Public

On Tuesday, January 22nd, the House Higher Education Subcommittee met to review and hear testimony on H.3016 (Cooperative Dual Credit High School Programs).  The bill, sponsored by Rep. Don Bowen, would require school districts and public institutes of higher learning to develop cooperative dual credit high school programs.  After hearing testimony, the subcommittee adjourned debate on the bill.


On Tuesday, January 23rd, the Senate K-12 Education Subcommittee met to hear testimony on S.10 (Sell or lease of school property).  The joint resolution authorizes local school boards to sell or lease school property without having to seek approval by a county board of education or county council. After hearing testimony, the subcommittee gave the joint resolution a favorable report.  In addition, the subcommittee voted to file an additional bill to make the change permanent.

 The subcommittee also reported our favorably three State Board of Education Regulations:

 D. 4294 (Defined Program, Grade 9-12 and Graduation Requirements) It amends R.43-234 to clarify the regulation for high school graduation.  It also clarifies the correct end-of-course examination for science.  The regulation also clarifies the use of proficiency credit for all schools.

 D. 4261 (Graduation Requirements (Adult Education) Regulation 43-259 provides guidance to school districts and other eligible adult education providers.

 D. 4285 (Transfers and Withdrawals) Amends 43-273 to expedite the transfer of students records to ensure individual students are properly transferred and schools are accountable for students attending their school.

 S.279 (Tax deduction/tax credit for private/home school students) The bill was filed in the Senate on Wednesday, January 23rd.  The bill was sent to the Senate Finance Committee.  The sponsors of the bill are Senators Grooms, Gregory, Ford, Bright, Bryant, Hembree, Campsen, Shealy, Davis, Corbin, Peeler, Thurmond, Campbell, Fair, Verdin, and Cleary.



A Counter Point To The Conventional Wisdom….

Parent Cabinet Meeting

A group that I value tremendously is Parent Cabinet, which includes parents from each of our schools.  I had a great conversation with Parent Cabinet last night about a variety of issues, especially school safety.  I got some very useful and practical perspectives.  Excellent meeting!