A Visit to Jodie Kahler’s Class

While I was a North Central Middle School yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting Jodie Kahler’s eighth grade English class. Ms. Kahler was working on a writing assigment with her students and was helping them learn to write with increased color and voice. Her enthusiasm for her content and the enjoyment she obviously gets from working with middle school students was obvious. Visiting this class was a really uplifting experience for me!

“Smart Boards” at Jackson

Dr. Gerald Gary, Principal at Jackson Elementary School, invited me to visit this morning as each of his teachers did lessons on “Smart Boards.” I visited classes taught by Ms. Estelle Benson and Ms. Tabitha Glover. Both groups were doing Math lessons using the “Smart Boards.” I have very rarely seen two groups that were so actively and enthusiastically involved in a Math lesson. The use of the technology was outstanding and the energy was absolutely contagious. I wish I could have learned Math taught the way in which I saw it taught in these two classrooms! The faculty at Jackson has done an outstanding job of finding ways to use technology to motivate and engage students. Great work!

Two Great Science Lessons at Lugoff Elementary

As I walked around Lugoff Elementary School this morning, I saw two excellent Science lessons going on. In Ms. Melody Johnson’s class, students were making moon rocks out of clay in specific sizes as part of their study of the moon. They were really engaged in this activity! In Ms. Barbara Reeves’ class, students were discussing liquids and how they can be absorbed by certain kinds of solids and how some solids can absorb more liquid than others and why this is so. The students had obviously grasped the concepts involved extremely well and were very articulte in discussing them. I was tremendously impressed by these two classes! Great job!

Meeting with the Blaney School Improvement Council

Last night, I really enjoyed meeting with the Blaney School Improvement Council. The level of commitment to the school on the part of these folks is outstanding! A key to the ongoing success at Blaney has been a community that works hand-in-hand with the school . The first phase of the Blaney renovation project will be completed in the next few days and the upper grades classes will be able to occupy these areas next week. I have been really impressed with the positive way in which the administration, faculty, staff, and community has worked with the obvious and inevitable inconveniences of a renovation project.

Starting the Day at Wateree Elementary

I had the opportunity to be at Wateree Elementary School this morning at the start of the school day. I visited several classrooms, and I was really impressed with how quickly the school had gotten “down to business” after morning announcements. In every classroom I visited, good focused instruction was occurring. The first part of the day is the most “prime time” of the day, and I was really pleased to see the WES teachers taking full advantage of it. Great job!

Kershaw County school construction costs lower than schools across the region, nation

November 26, 2007 – Think you have to go to a big city to get the lowest costs in school construction? Think again. Some of the lowest costs in this region or even nationally—without sacrificing quality—are right here in Kershaw County. Continue reading

Budget Survey

I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the budget survey over the past month. Over 1,000 separate people took part. The results of the survey will be presented to the School Board Budget Committee in December. The feedback we received from the survey will be extremely helpful to us in setting priorities for the upcoming budget.