First Steps Banquet

I had the opportunity and privilege to attend the First Steps Banquet last night. This organization does tremendous work for young children in Kershaw County. I am especially grateful for the leadership that Mr. Sammie Tucker provides to the First Steps Board and to all the community members who are members of this Board. I also really appreciate that Representative Bill Cotty was able to attend the banquet. If the achievement gap in Kershaw County and throughout this state and the nation is to be closed, preschool education must continue to be a critical area of focus. First Steps is an extremely important program to this community.

First Parent Cabinet Meeting

It was a great pleasure for me to be involved in my first Parent Cabinet meeting last night. Just about every school was represented, and we had an outstanding discussion about the needs of the district and other issues of concern to parents and families. I really appreciate the fact that all of these folks are willing to invest time in participating on the Cabinet. I really gained a lot of useful perspective from last night’s meeting.

A Call From A Parent At Mt. Pisgah

I got a call yesterday from a parent at Mt. Pisgah Elementary who wanted to commend the faculty there for their tremendous support during her child’s illness. This mother had been overwhelmed by the sense of caring and cooperation she got from everyone at the school as they worked with her on homebound instruction and makeup work for her child. The call made my day!

Great job by the folks at Mt. Pisgah!

A Great Meeting With Student Cabinet

I had my first meeting with the Student Cabinet yesterday. This is a group of student leaders from each high school that I meet with quarterly to discuss student issues and concerns. What a fantastic group! They raised and discussed issues and concerns with measure and maturity and open-mindedness. I gained a great deal of valuable insight in the hour I spend with these young people. I was extremely energized by their enthusiasm and sense of purpose.

This Is What It’s All About…

I was visiting some first grade classes at Pine Tree Hill yesterday while the students were working on their reading. It always strikes me that kids learning to read is a wonderful phenomenon to watch. It certainly requires tremendous expertise and patience on the part of the teacher. The children really want to learn to read, and they are extremely intent and really proud when they are able to read something on their own. I saw one little fellow yesterday use his “word attack” skills to figure out a word, and when he did it, the smile on his face could have lit up a room.

This is what it’s all about…..

Doby’s Mill Named Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School!!!

I was extremely pleased to learn today that Doby’s Mill Elementary School has earned the designation of a “National Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School.” This is a tremendous honor for the school, its faculty and staff, and its community. The criteria for receiving this award are extremely rigorous. I can’t begin to say enough about the hard work it took for the school to earn this distinction. The school will be formally honored in December in Charleston.

This is the second year in a row that at KCSD school has received this award. Last year, ATEC was similarly honored.


Our State Reporter is Leaving

Marjorie Riddle, who has covered our district for The State over the past year, will be leaving this beat to cover local government in Kershaw County. Marjorie has done a great job covering the schools, and we wish her well. We welcome Joy Woodson, who will be picking up our beat for The State.