Shout-Out To ATEC

Thanks to the folks from the South Carolina Historic Aviation Foundation for this shout-out to ATEC in the group’s most recent newsletter…..

“Want to make mention that some middle school students in the ATEC summer camp in Kershaw County were able to tour the Boeing plant in North Charleston on Thursday, June 2nd. ATEC (the Applied Technology Education Campus) is the vocational school for the Kershaw County School District and one of the leading “voc” schools in the Palmetto State. ATEC director Gordon Morris said that 21 Kershaw County students were able to tour the plant and take part in various activities and that they really enjoyed it. The tour was part of Boeing’s Dreamliner Educational Program for schools around South Carolina. Kudos go to the folks at ATEC for working to get young people interested in aviation and the aerospace industry. I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters that as older generations of pilots, mechanics and others approach retirement age the U.S. faces a crisis in having enough young follow to take their place. If you are an educator, know this, aerospace is a field bright with promise as a career for a young person. If you know an educator, make them aware of that fact. Again, thanks ATEC for introducing some young people to aviation.”

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