Scholarship Program Huge Step Forward

Last week, an announcement was made about a program in partnership with Central Carolina Technical College that will provide a two-year scholarship to any graduate of a Kershaw County high school that meets some very reasonable requirements.

This program is a huge step forward for Kershaw County from several standpoints. It will provide the opportunity for students to attain a degree who might not otherwise been able to do so. For these students, this opportunity might be the means of ending a cycle of family poverty and disadvantage. The long-term benefits of this to our community are obvious.

This program will also do much to improve the quality of our local workforce. It gives a clear signal to potential business and industry that Kershaw County is serious about education and workforce development. This will make Kershaw County more competitive than ever for economic development.

Finally, this program puts our community in the educational forefront on both the state and national levels. Very few communities in our country can offer their young people a cost-free college education. I hope that our local real estate agents will be able to use this as a selling point when marketing properties. I have to believe that this program will have an extremely positive impact on property values in Kershaw County, from Bethune to Elgin and everywhere in between.

This is what happens when people think in a forward way, work together, and focus on possibilities versus barriers. Kudos to everyone who made this happen!


Dr. Frank E. Morgan, Superintendent

Kershaw County School District

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