Governor’s Education Budget Proposals

I appreciated Governor Haley inviting the superintendents to hear a briefing on her education budget proposals today. Governor Haley has made some very good proposals, including funding for technology, materials, bus driver pay, and facility needs in rural districts. She is also proposing some very innovative initiatives to attract and retain teachers, especially in the more economically disadvantaged and rural areas of our state.

I was disappointed that Governor Haley is not proposing major progress in restoring Base Student Cost to where it was at the beginning of the economic downturn. As I have discussed on numerous occasions, Base Student Cost is being currently funded at $500 below what is required by law. Restoring the Base Student Cost to the legal requirement would mean approximately $5 million for Kershaw County. $5 million would fund the restoration of the major cuts made during the downturn and allow us to bring teacher and other staff pay to where it needs to be.

While I certainly appreciate Governor Haley’s attention to education, I am hopeful that the General Assembly will seriously consider the Base Student Cost issue.

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