Prefiled Education Legislation

Took some time this weekend to scan the prefiled education legislation for the 2016 session of the South Carolina General Assembly. While I believe the Abbeville case and education funding in general will be the major issues, there were several other proposals of note:

  • Requiring School Resource Officers to wear body cameras.
  • Requiring an Advanced Manufacturing elective in grades 6-12.
  • Prohibiting schools from banning patriotic clothing.
  • Mandating that counties only have one school district.
  • Changing the mandatory school attendance age from 17 to 18.
  • Requiring buses to have seat belts.
  • Prohibiting cell phones in schools.
  • Expediting initial certification for teachers coming from other fields.
  • Permitting private school students to participate on public school teams if their private school does not offer a particular sport.

In reading the specific legislation, I found it interesting that proposals that would require funding or other resources did not specify where the funding or resources would come from. Not all that unexpected. This should be a very interesting session…

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