ACT Results – Great News!

Kershaw County School District (KCSD) 2015 seniors’ average composite score on the ACT college entrance exam outperformed the state average for the third straight year.  The district’s average ranks it third highest among Midlands area school districts and 15th best out of 85 SC school districts.

KCSD students’ average composite score of 20.6 was 0.2 points higher than the statewide average, which remained at 20.4.  The national average composite was unchanged at 21.0.

“I continue to be proud of our students’ performance on the ACT,” said KCSD Superintendent Dr. Frank Morgan.  “They have taken advantage of strong instruction and rigor in our classrooms to be successful on this college entrance exam.  This is another great example of our students’ high level of academic achievement.”

The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in English, mathematics, reading and science. The test includes 215 multiple-choice questions with a 36 as the highest possible score.

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