Challenging Times…

Over the 10 days, my wife and I did a driving trip of historical sites in Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. When I’m traveling, I always like to read the local papers. What I found extremely interesting is that schools and school districts everywhere are facing the same issues we are.   Budgets, facilities, standards, testing, accountability, you name it. We work in challenging times….

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  1. We all are working in challenging times. This is why as a taxpayer and citizen of this county I urge you and the school board to think hard before closing schools to build a new one. Please also keep in mind that alot of time and money is spent by families to haul children to these 20+ mile away schools.
    Numbers can be manipulated alot of ways to get a desired outcome. But the closing of Bethune’s Middle/High school has hurt our town and the closing of our elementary school will surely hurt alot more.
    As a small business owner for over twenty years, I have learned that I cant spend myself out debt, and throwing money at problems will not usually fix them. And if I’m strapped for cash, then I stop spending.
    I do realize that no decision works for everyone. But I’m sure that most people in the county favor less spending especially when it comes to closing older schools to building new schools. especially in these tough times.
    Thank you and Good luck for what you do.

    • Mr. Fountain – Thanks for your email…I understand your concerns. The challenge is that we are currently spending over $2,000 per student more for elementary students in the North Central area than we are anywhere else, and because the schools are so small, we are unable to offer the programs and services that other schools have. The facility is also in bad shape. Just yesterday, a pipe broke in the floor flooding the office and the main hall. Last summer, we had similar problems, along with problems with the HVAC units falling off the exterior walls. The Bethune facility will need to be addressed one way or the other very soon. If a new school was built, students in and close to the town would go to Midway and kids in the upper end of the Midway attendance area would go to the new school, which would address a lot of the concerns about travel time. It would also be more convenient for parents who transport their children to both elementary and secondary schools. Building a new consolidated school will save taxpayer money over the long haul and provide a better educational program. I appreciate your feedback. Feel free to call me (425-8916) if you have any questions. FM

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