A Day That Lifted My Spirits

The sunshine this morning was an omen for a great day…

Spent the morning assessing Senior Project presentations at Lugoff-Elgin High School.  I’ve done this every year since I arrived in 2007, and I have to say that this year’s presentations were the absolute best I’ve seen.  The one that struck me the most was by a young lady who had researched becoming a social worker because of her own experience as a foster child.  Really powerful.  Thanks and congratulations to the LEHS teachers who obviously worked so hard with their students to help them produce such excellent work!

Then headed up to Mt. Pisgah Elementary to see the students receive awards from the Clemson Extension for building a butterfly garden in grades K-2 and completing a course in healthy lifestyles in grades 3-5.  The butterfly garden was fantastic, although I hope they didn’t plant anything that deer or rabbits will eat.  While I was there, the robotics team gave me a demonstration of their robot.  Great stuff!

Finished the school day at Camden at a recognition of around 220 students for their community service during the course of the year.  Camden High School is a model for the way in which the school reaches out into the community!

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