A Good Column On The Grading Issue

A few days ago, I posted about what I see as the problems with the formula being used by the South Carolina Department of Education for grading schools.  No one is trying to duck accountabilty, but a system where your students can perform better and the school and/or district grade can still go down needs some adjustment.  I hope the Department of Education, the Education Oversigh Committee, the State Board of Education, and the General Assembly will see fit to come together and work these bugs out.

A column in this morning’s State newspaper by Cindy Ross-Scoppe lays the issues out pretty clearly…


“Happy Feet” And “School Tools”

Many thanks to the Camden Rotary Club and the West Wateree Rotary Club for their support of the “Happy Feet” program.  Because of the generosity of these organizations, a number of deserving students have received a new pair of shoes for the start of school.  The two clubs also teamed up with the United Way’s “School Tools” program to provide school supplies for these students.  I am always  overwhelmed by and grateful for the way in which our community supports its young people.



NCHS Grad Shines!!!

I was extremely proud to learn that Chris Turner, North Central Class of 2012, had been chosen to be one of the student trainers for this year’s University of South Carolina football team.  This is a tremendous accomplishment for Chris and speaks very well for the quality of the athletic training program at NCHS.  I got to know Chris as member of the Student Cabinet.  He is an outstanding young man!  Congratulations!