Important News For Teachers and Principals In South Carolina

The Proposed Educator Evaluation Support Guidelines issued by the State Department of Education as a part of the “No Child Left Behind” waiver have significant changes and impact for all teachers and principals.  See the link below:

(if this link is not active, please type it in or go the web site

Teachers and principals need to be aware that the proposal will require all teachers and principals in the State who are evaluated beginning with the 2014-15 school year to receive a letter grade of “A” through “F” on their performance evaluation.  The guidelines are begin piloted immediately during the next two school years in SIG schools.

On pp 7-11 and pp19-20 the proposed models and formulas for calculating the evaluation rating for teachers and principals explain that for teachers:
30%-40% of their evaluation rating would be based on”classroom value-added” or “school value-added” components.  For principals, it appears that 50% of the evaluation would be based on the “school-value added” component.

Also, on pp.13-15 rules are proposed for contract and employment decision based on the evaluation results.  The rules specify when a district must consider contract non-renewal.

Given the significance of these revisions, and the apparent lack of input from educators, it is essential that all teachers and administrators in our State review and react to these guidelines.

We anticipate that the State Board of Education will discuss these guidelines at a meeting in the near future.  We will notify you if that is the case.  Thank you.

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