Another Great Job By Our Maintenance Guys…

Director of Operations Billy Smith sent me “before and after” pictures of light replacement our maintenance guys did in the Lugoff-Elgin High School gym.  What a difference!  And because they new lights are more efficient and give off much less hear, they will help save electricity.  Another great job!

Kiwanis Club Supports Junior Leadership

Many thanks to the Kiwanis Club for its generous donation to the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce to support the Chamber’s Junior Leadership program.  Junior Leadership is a year-long leadership development program for juniors from the District’s three high schools and Camden Military Academy.  It’s a great program, and I am extremely grateful to the Kiwanis Club for this tremendous support. 

By the way, the Kiwanis Club will hold its annual Country Breakfast fundraiser on Thursday, November 17 at Lyttleon Street United Methodist Church.  A meal not to be missed!!!