Support Cabinet And Student Cabinet Meetings

Had my first meetings of the year with Support Cabinet and Student Cabinet.  Support Cabinet is made up of  non-certified staff and Student Cabinet includes 9th-12th graders in our three high schools.  I always come out of these meetings having learned something I didn’t know and definitiely needed to know.  I really appreciate how candid the people in these groups are willing to be.  It helps me a great deal.

Senator Visits LEHS

It was truly a privilege for our district to have Senator Phil Leventis visit Lugoff-Elgin High School yesterday to speak to Social Studies classes.  I got to sit in on part of one of the class sessions, and really enjoyed what Senator Leventis had to say about the need for political engagement in these times.  While he was waiting to tour the LEHS Annex building, Holly Sullivan’s science lab aides also demonstrated a chemical reaction to make something called “elephant tooth paste,” which Senator Leventis enjoyed a lot.  Under the new General Assembly district structure, Senator Leventis will be representing part of Kershaw County.  We certainly look forward to working with him