This week, registration will take place in our schools.   Dates and times and other information are listed on the homepage of our website.  There is also a link to download forms.

Registration is very important to the district’s planning because it gives us an indication of enrollment patterns so that we can use our staff as efficiently as possible.  We will use numbers from registration to help us begin to make decisions as to shifts and additions of teaching staff.

Parents with questions about registration should feel free to contact the particular school.

Teacher Jobs Legislation

I got this information from AASA on the Education Jobs legislation:

In a flurry of action late on July 22, the Senate took out almost all non-war spending — including $10 billion for education jobs — from the emergency war spending bill it had received earlier from the House.

All is not lost, however, because both House and Senate leaders are committed to passing education jobs money. 

In the Senate there is talk of attaching the $10 billion for education jobs to the bill to renew the Small Business Act.  However, late Thursday that bill was pulled from the Senate floor, due to lack of agreement on amendments.  This merely stalls the bill, and adding the $10 billion remains possible in this vehicle.

The key players understand that it’s not sensible to block the jobs money, as Secretary Duncan wants, just because it would reduce, by a relatively small amount, funds set for the administration’s reform programs.  AASA’s argument: Why fight to preserve every reform dollar, when districts are being forced to lay off hundreds of thousands of teachers who are needed to implement those reforms?

Read This Column!

There is an excellent column on the front page of the “Localife” section of this morning’s Chronicle-Independent by Keri Todd Boyce.  In the column, she recounts a story she heard at a conference recently about a youth soccer game and dog poop. I can’t possibly do the story justice here.  But this column is one that I will use frequently during the coming year.  This column is a “must read!”

Summer Feeding Program

Over the past several years, our school district has partnered with the United Way of Kershaw County to provide a summer feeding program in our community.  The program operates at several sites, and this year, we were able to coordinate the feeding program with the summer programs that were funded under our “Safe Schools/Healthy Students” grant.  This is just another example of the way in which our local United Way supports the young people who attend our schools.  We are truly blessed to have this exemplary organization.

Great Presentation!

Kevin Rhodes, Director of our “Safe Schools/Healthy Students” federal grant gave an excellent presentation on the grant programs that will be implemented this fall during yesterday’s School Board meeting.  The presentation can be accessed at the link below:

Getting Ready For The Start Of School

During a conversation I had with a parent today, the parent asked me what I thought was a good way to start to get kids ready for the beginning of school.  While there is still obviously several weeks of summer left, I have found that a good way is to have kids read for at least a specified period each day (30-45 minutes) and even keep a journal about what he/she is reading.  This keeps both reading and writing skills reasonably sharp and makes the transition back to school a lot less sudden.  With my own son, I found it was especially effective if he was reading something he had chosen and if I also read at the same time.  We’re blessed in Kershaw County to have an excellent public library, and I know the folks there are happy to help with recommending books.  ‘Thought it was a good question.

Monday Morning

Great article in this morning’s Chronicle-Independent about the Kershaw County “Teacher of the Year,” Ms. Lori Cooper of Camden Middle School……

There’s still time for last-minute contributions to the “School Tools” program, which provides school supplies to deserving students.  Contributions can be made at any First Citizens Bank branch in Kershaw County or here at the District Office.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed already!