Fantastic Job!

I got a report today from our Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier indicating that over a three-year period, our district had cut its claims loss ratio by almost 88%.  This is outstanding!  Because of this three-year trend improvment, our rates for this insurance should start to go down next fiscal year, which is obviously great news.  This has been a team effort throughout the district in terms of making safety a priority.  As we discussed with employees two years ago when we started working on improvement in this area, funds not spent for insurance can be spent somewhere else.  Fantastic job by everyone!

Data On Spending

At the end of last week, I received some data from the State Department of Education showing how much of each of the state’s school districts spend on instruction and instructional support.  I was pleased to see that it showed that out of 15 Midlands districts and districts that geographically touch Kershaw County, we ranked second in terms of percentage of total budget allocated to face-to-face teaching, including teachers, substitutes, paraprofessionals, classroom materials, technology, software, and supplies.