Zoology Podcasts

I’ve spent some time today catching up on some things folks have sent me recently.  I especially enjoyed the podcasts done by Gina Yount’s fifth grade SEAGUL students as part of a zoology unit. Really imaginative stuff!  The students researched animals and then completed an animal application. The goal of the application was for the particular animal to be accepted into the most famous zoo in the world by using the power of persuasion combined with the research information.  This is an outstanding application of technology!  Great job!

  Check out the link below: 


Why I Enjoy This Job So Much….

I’m the luckiest guy in the world….In what other job can you start your day by reading “Green Eggs and Ham” with some elementary students as I did yesterday morning at Camden Elementary?  A great time!

A little while later, while visiting Camden Middle School, I got to talk with some really fine young men who were having breakfast with Principal Jeff Jordan and then listen to students Grace Hoyt and Taylor Griswold play their violins for their class.  They were really good!

Visiting schools is always energizing for me!