An Outstanding Day!

Great day at Lugoff-Elgin High School today!  It was outstanding to have all of our teachers and other instructional folks all together for a “Pep Rally” organized by our Teacher Forum, followed by a very entertaining (and downright funny) talk by humorist Roddy Gray and a very thought-provoking presentation on technology by Daneen Frazier Bowen.  Following lunch, “grade alike” and “subject alike” meetings were held to give teachers from across the county who work with the same areas the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas.  The thing I enjoyed most about the day was having everyone together.  Because our district covers such a large geogrpahical area, we sometimes get a little disconnected from one another.  Hopefully this year, through some changes made in the calendar, we’ll be able to bring people together more easily.  A really energizing and exciting day!