Meteorologists at Jackson

When I was visiting Jackson School yesterday, I got a big kick out of a group of students who were on the playgroud using various instruments to check weather data. What really impressed me is how they were able to describe the importance of the data being collected . For example, the students were able to tell me that since the barometric pressure was high, it wouldn’t be raining that day. Good practical stuff. These students were also handling their responsibilities with great maturity and focus. Great job!

If You Know Someone Who Wants to Teach…

Even though the 2008-09 school year is a pretty long way off, we are already working on teacher recruitment for next year. If you know someone who is interested in teaching in a GREAT district, I hope you”ll suggest that he/she applies with us. There is an “Employment” link on our website, or feel free to refer them to me. My email is The best referrals we get are from folks who know the district.

Friday Night at North Central

My wife and I had an OUTSTANDING time at the North Central-Buford football game this past Friday night! We had the opportunity to meet many really nice people from the community, and the Knights got a great win. I also got a lot of help from both the band and choir in singing the NCHS Alma Mater after the game. The school has a wonderful tradition of all the players and cheerleaders singing the Alma Mater on the field after the postgame handshakes. It was great to take part in that tradition. I also want to note that NCHS football coach Ron Blackmon has been chosen to coach the North team in the annual North-South All-Star game in December. Congratulations to him on this tremendous honor!

Some great things I saw yesterday…

As I moved about the County yesterday, I saw some outstanding things:

At ATEC, I visited Ronnie Thompkins’ Fabrication class and was really impressed with the high level of technological expertise of his students as they used a computer program to develop very complex designs in wood and metal.

At Wateree Elementary, Science lab teacher Carol Bethea had a group of preschool students in absolute awe as she did an experiment that involved sticking a pin in a balloon in such a way that the balloon didn’t pop. (I didn’t think it was possible!)

At the Robert Mills Courthouse, I saw students from our three high schools and Camden Military involved in the Chamber’s Youth Leadership program exploring diversity issues through a simulation exercise. (Special thanks to Ms. Alfred Mae Drakeford from City Council and Mr. Sammie Tucker from County Council for working with our young people on this activity.)

At the ATEC Open House last night, I got to see the pride our students and teachers there have about the many outstanding programs offered at ATEC.

Seeing students learning and growing is the best part of my job!

Jackson students to join international peace effort tomorrow

September 20, 2007 – Over 500 pinwheels will align the Jackson School campus tomorrow as part of Pinwheels for Peace program. September 21 is the International Day of Peace. Continue reading

Superintendent Morgan to sing high school alma maters

September 20, 2007 – He’s had several titles in his career, but this year Kershaw County School District Superintendent Frank Morgan adds a new one – “The Singing Superintendent.” Continue reading

Site for New Jackson School

This past Tuesday evening at its regular monthly workshop meeting, the Kershaw County School Board of Trustees continued its discussion of a site for a new Jackson School. Last year, demographer Jerry McKibben showed the Board how attendance zone lines would look if the school were located north of Camden, south of Camden, and east of Camden. The public can see these approaches on the home page of our website ( Mr. McKibben has indicated that a site east of Camden would be the best site from a demographic standpoint. However, the Board has asked staff to continue to look for possible sites in all three areas.