This Is What It’s All About…

I was visiting some first grade classes at Pine Tree Hill yesterday while the students were working on their reading. It always strikes me that kids learning to read is a wonderful phenomenon to watch. It certainly requires tremendous expertise and patience on the part of the teacher. The children really want to learn to read, and they are extremely intent and really proud when they are able to read something on their own. I saw one little fellow yesterday use his “word attack” skills to figure out a word, and when he did it, the smile on his face could have lit up a room.

This is what it’s all about…..

2 Responses

  1. Dr. Morgan, we are excited about our Literacy Groups in first grade and very happy you were able to visit. Dolly

  2. hi dr morgan – hope this goes through i didn’t want you left out on the latest GHS art blog – hope you are well. glad to see we can still ask the super!
    school is going great thus far! take care. sincerely, caroline long

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