Doby’s Mill Named Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School!!!

I was extremely pleased to learn today that Doby’s Mill Elementary School has earned the designation of a “National Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School.” This is a tremendous honor for the school, its faculty and staff, and its community. The criteria for receiving this award are extremely rigorous. I can’t begin to say enough about the hard work it took for the school to earn this distinction. The school will be formally honored in December in Charleston.

This is the second year in a row that at KCSD school has received this award. Last year, ATEC was similarly honored.


8 Responses

  1. I am proud to be a teacher at Doby’s Mill Elementary. Receiving the honors of Palmetto’s Finest and Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School of Excellence are a result of the high expectations, dedication, and hard work of our wonderful students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators. We could not have reached these achievements without the support of our district office, board members, and community. I am confident that we will continue to set high goals and reap tremendous rewards for our students and school.

  2. Wow! We are incredibly proud of this distinction. What an incredibly talented ensemble of educators, parents, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, students who have high expectations for learning and want to have fun each and every day!

  3. What an honor to be recognized in this way! It’s so nice to see the hard work of so many (students, parents, teachers, community members) pay off. I am very lucky to work with such an awesome group of people in my school and in my county.

  4. It is an honor to be a part of the faculty at Doby’s Mill Elementary. The students, parents, teachers, staff, administration and community are deserving of this National Honor. At DME, high expectations are the norm. We are always striving to set new goals or try new ideas to improve student achievement. This is not just another feather in our cap, but another step in the journey toward our future and the future of our students.

  5. I never doubted for a moment that we would achieve our goals under the guidance of our wonderful administrators!

  6. What a wonderful accomplishment and honor! I love working at Doby’s Mill because our “Journey to Success” is constant. As soon as we accomplish one goal, we set another. We continuously work to make our instructional experiences for the students better. Our students have so many opportunities to learn skills and information that is relevant to their lives in this ever-changing world! I appreciate the support of this learning community from the families involved to the professionals! I’m proud that my children are products of this school!

  7. Doby’s Mill is an amazing learning environment and a wonderful place to work. We are so lucky to have the wonderful administration that we do here at Doby’s Mill Elementary. We are constantly striving to be the best we can be and to meet the high expectations set by our administration. It is amazing what you can do when everyone works together!

  8. I feel so fortunate to teach at Doby’s Mill! I am proud of the many honors our school has received, and we certainly could not accomplish so much without the stalwart support of our wonderful community. I would like to thank our super students, their parents, and their whole families for embracing every challenge we set before them. As the heart of our school (and the reason we exist), our students inspire us to strive to achieve all we can. They are terrific! Doby’s Mill exemplifies the self-fulfilling prophecy; we expect greatness, and greatness is exactly what we get.

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