Doby’s Mill Named Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School!!!

I was extremely pleased to learn today that Doby’s Mill Elementary School has earned the designation of a “National Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School.” This is a tremendous honor for the school, its faculty and staff, and its community. The criteria for receiving this award are extremely rigorous. I can’t begin to say enough about the hard work it took for the school to earn this distinction. The school will be formally honored in December in Charleston.

This is the second year in a row that at KCSD school has received this award. Last year, ATEC was similarly honored.


Our State Reporter is Leaving

Marjorie Riddle, who has covered our district for The State over the past year, will be leaving this beat to cover local government in Kershaw County. Marjorie has done a great job covering the schools, and we wish her well. We welcome Joy Woodson, who will be picking up our beat for The State.

Meteorologists at Jackson

When I was visiting Jackson School yesterday, I got a big kick out of a group of students who were on the playgroud using various instruments to check weather data. What really impressed me is how they were able to describe the importance of the data being collected . For example, the students were able to tell me that since the barometric pressure was high, it wouldn’t be raining that day. Good practical stuff. These students were also handling their responsibilities with great maturity and focus. Great job!