Some great things I saw yesterday…

As I moved about the County yesterday, I saw some outstanding things:

At ATEC, I visited Ronnie Thompkins’ Fabrication class and was really impressed with the high level of technological expertise of his students as they used a computer program to develop very complex designs in wood and metal.

At Wateree Elementary, Science lab teacher Carol Bethea had a group of preschool students in absolute awe as she did an experiment that involved sticking a pin in a balloon in such a way that the balloon didn’t pop. (I didn’t think it was possible!)

At the Robert Mills Courthouse, I saw students from our three high schools and Camden Military involved in the Chamber’s Youth Leadership program exploring diversity issues through a simulation exercise. (Special thanks to Ms. Alfred Mae Drakeford from City Council and Mr. Sammie Tucker from County Council for working with our young people on this activity.)

At the ATEC Open House last night, I got to see the pride our students and teachers there have about the many outstanding programs offered at ATEC.

Seeing students learning and growing is the best part of my job!