Superintendent Morgan starts blog on KCSD website

September 19, 2007 – What is a “typical day” like for a superintendent? Want to get the “inside scoop” on school district activities from the person at the top? Continue reading

Dr. Glenn Huggins to Take New Post

Last night, the School Board accepted, with regret, the resignation of Dr. Glenn Huggins, the Principal at Doby’s Mill Elementary School. Dr. Huggins has accepted a position as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in Dorchester County. He has accomplished much as Principal at Doby’s Mill, including leading the school to the prestigious “Palmetto Gold” recognition. We certainly wish Dr. Huggins well in his new position.

I am very pleased that current Assistant Principal Ginger Catoe will assume the principalship at Doby’s Mill. Ms. Catoe brings excellent credentials to her new role, including recognition last year as the South Carolina “Assistant Principal of the Year.” She will do a great job! Retired KCPS principal Bill DeWitt will take become the Assistant Principal on an interim basis. I appreciate Bill taking on this role. His long experience in our district will be a great plus as he works with Ms. Catoe to keep Doby’s Mill moving forward.